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Mobile Phones or Ipads are neat nevertheless these same Modern devices open the gateway for your wife or husband to stray romantically or your teenagers performing stupid crap.

Modern Technology (cell phone spy) allows you to spy on activities your partner are easyspy boxperforming with their mobile phone or tablet thanks to EasySpy.

  • Is your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend suddenly working more hours or is away a lot more?
  • Are your children going to the “library” as promised or are they skipping school to do God knows what with their friends?
  • Are your employees lying to you? Are they wasting their time?
  • Do you fear your employees are sharing some secret data with others?

With Easy Spy cell phone spy you cannude girl sending picture of self through phone

  • See where your wife or husband really are at all times.
  • See every single text message they send and receive, every call they make and receive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • See who your kids hang out with and when.
  • See if your daughter is sending naughty naked coochy pictures of herself to the boys at school (sexting).
  • See exact what your employees are doing with the cell phone and when.

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What Easy Spy Does for You

Easy Spy makes it super fast and easy for you to clearly view and inspect all communications and activities on their cell phone or tablet. Easy Spy can track and monitor ANY Android mobile phone or tablet and ANY Apple device or tablet.

Once Easy Spy has been secretly installed to the mobile device or tablet you wish to spy on everything they do with their cell phone gets silently and invisibly transmitted to your Easy Spy members area using their mobile internet connection.

Diagram showing how Easy Spy Works

24 hrs a day, 365 days per year, you will be able to fully see anything and everything related to all incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages and emails as well as see their EXACT physical location 24/7/365.

Why Every Suspicious Husband or Wife Needs Easy Spy

It use to be the only way to find out if your partner was cheating on you was hire a private investigator for around $50-$100 per hour – something most of us can not afford!

Easy Spy costs a one time only payment of – are you ready? $69!!  There are no monthly or recurring fees of any kind!  For $69 you have a software private investigator on their cell phone or tablet.

  • What kind of peace of mind are you about to have because at ANY time you can log in to your Easy Spy members account and see EXACTLY where they have been and where they are right now?
  • How satisfying is it for you to know every single phone call they make and receive and every text message they send and receive?

Would it be fair to say that Easy Spy may just save your marriage and your peace of mind??

Why Every Concerned Parent Wants Easy Spy

For parents cell phones can be a double edged sword:

  • Cell phones are almost a must for kids to fit in and be accepted. Cell phones also provide a way for you to instantly be in contact with your son or daughter. 
  • Cell phones are an instant window to potential danger. Think of the long term consequences a few nude pictures of your son or daughter showing up on the web can mean.

With Easy Spy installed to their mobile device you can see every and any photo AND video they capture with their cell phone or tablet. Whatever they send via email or text message you will be able to immediately see in your Easy Spy members area.

Why Every Cell Phone and Tablet Owner Must Have Easy Spy

One of the many Easy Spy features is GPS location tracking of the target device. What kind of panic would ensue if you lost your mobile device or it was stolen? What kind of comfort and security will it provide to know you can log in to your Easy Spy members area anytime, including right now, and see, on a map, exactly where your cell phone or tablet is??

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Easy Spy: How it Works Video

Watch this great youtube.com video showing all kinds of stuff about Easy Spy cell tracker.

Easy Spy Features

Here is a list of everything Easy Spy will reveal to you. Included below are images inside an actual Easy Spy members account so you can see exactly what you are going to be able to see regard their cell phone or tablet activities and communications. All of these logs can be downloaded and saved for record and/or evidence.

Easy Spy Phone Calls Monitoring

  • See every phone call that is made and received in your Easy Spy members area. See the exact time of each call. View how many minutes every phone calls lasts. Even see all the phone numbers ever call is made to and received from.
    • If you are monitoring an unfaithful partner: see the phone number of the person they are cheating with and exactly when they talk with them and for how long each conversation lasts.
    • If you are a parent monitoring your child or teen: see if they are making or receiving calls when they are in class or are suppose to be studying.Image of Easy Spy phone calls made and recieved.

Easy Spy Text Message Monitoring

  • See every single text message (SMS) that enters and leaves the Easy Spy guarded cell phone. See the exact time every single text is sent and received. See the phone number all texts are sent to and received from. Even see the EXACT text message that was sent and received.
    • If you are monitoring an unfaithful partner: 80%+ communications to illicit lovers are made via text messaging. This is because texting is silent and can be done while they are in the next room.
    • If you are a parent monitoring your child or teen: see everything they send and receive via text messages, including potentially explicit images being sent and received via texts.
      Image of Easy Spy logs of sent and received SMS.

Easy Spy GPS Pinpoint Location Tracking

  • View the exact, physical, location of the Easy Spy guarded cell phone or tablet. (Because they are attached to their mobile this means you will be seeing where THEY are). Logged into your Easy Spy account, simply click the GPS tab and a map shows, as plotted points of travel, everywhere they, and their mobile device have been AND where they are right now! All locations are time and date stamped.
    • If you are monitoring an unfaithful partner: are they REALLY working late? Did they really spend the last 2 hours working out at the gym?.
    • If you are a parent monitoring your child or teen: going to pick up your son or daughter and are having trouble finding them? Logging in to your Easy Spy members area with your cell phone, laptop or tablet and clicking the GPS tab will tell you where they are right now.
      Image of location tracking map in Easy Spy members area.

Easy Spy Social Media Monitoring and Tracking

  • See all social related activity that occurs on their cell phone. This includes Twitter, Facebook, BBM, Viber, Line Chat, Instagram, Whatsapp, iMessages. Peoples most intimate life details are shared and displayed on these top social websites. You will be able to see EVERY move they make in your Easy Spy password protected members area. Who, what, where, when, why.

Easy Spy Photo/Video Captured Monitoring

  • Every any every photograph and video they capture with their cell phone or tablets camera can be viewed by you in the Easy Spy members area. All media captured is time stamped to you can see when and where each video and picture was snapped.

More Easy Spy Features

This is just a small taste of what you can monitor and track with Easy Spy. Additional Easy Spy Features include:

  • See all emails sent and received.
  • See every single website they visit with their mobile devices built in web browser.

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