Duane of the United States asks: If you don't have internet on the phone you want to spy on than how do you get any spyware software on the phone. Nobody seems to talk about loading cell spy software to target phone via USB cable from your computer, they all want it downloaded via the internet and I don't have internet on the phone I want to spy on.

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Answer: Duane, although you certainly download the cell phone spy app to your computer and then connect the cell phone you want to spy on with a USB cell phone data cable and transfer the cell phone spy to the target mobile device in this manner the main problem is if the cell phone you want to spy on does not have internet access it will be impossible for the spy app, now on the target phone, to transmit spy details the web server/your cell phone spy members area. So even though you may be able to successfully install the cell spy app to the target mobile device, without an internet connection on that phone spy details can't be uploaded or stored anywhere. One type of cell phone spy software that advertises as being able to spy without a data plan or internet connection on the target phone is a remote cell phone spy software. The problem with this type of cell spyware is most all of them have no guarantees and no technical support. The only exception to this rule that I am aware is cell tracker remote spy which has a 30 day money back guarantee of satisfaction and technical support.

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