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How you spy on a mobile phone that is so old, like an older Verizon Motorola, there is no compatible phone spy that can be installed on that phone

For pretty much all older cell phones, not just the older models of Verizon Motorola, but any older cell phone OS it can be difficult, if not completely impossible to find a cell phone spy that is compatible for that phone. Cell phones themselves are a relatively newer technology and cell phone spying and cell phone spy software is an even newer technology still emerging.

There are two types of cell phone spy apps:

  • The type you install on the target phone, the one that is being spied on.
  • The type you install to the source phone, the one doing the spying.

As long as YOUR cell phone isn't an older one you can use the second type of cell phone spy. The second type of phone spy is much harder to find and to find one that is reliable enough that it is backed by some sort of satisfaction guarantee and/or technical support is even harder.

To date there is only one such spy you can install to your phone and use it to spy on an older model Verizon Motorola phone or any older cell phone and it is called cell tracker.

Once you install the cell tracker spy to your phone - to spy on the old model Verizon Motorola you make a call to it that lasts for longer than 30 seconds. This basically tells the cell tracker spy on your phone which phone you want to spy on. It is referred to as frequency pairing of the two phones.

Once you have done this you are now spying on the old style Motorola phone or any older cell phone for that matter. Before you leap for cell tracker  make sure there is no compatible phone spy for the phone you want to spy on.

Although the cell tracker style phone spy does work the type of phone spy you install to the target phone is always going to be more reliable and steady because the line of communication between the spy app intercepting the information you are spying on and the receiver of the spy data is more direct.

Use the search box you find at the top of every single page of this web site and see if you can't find a compatible conventional spy software first for that older model cell phone you want to spy on - if not then cell tracker is the way to go.

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