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This article is about how to change the name and number that appears on the caller id of people you call. Here are additional mobile spy spying related articles.

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This text will be replaced Whether you are calling from a mobile phone or to a mobile phone changing your outgoing call id so the receiver of the phone sees any name and number you want is very easy to do. It requires the use of a very inexpensive, pay as your go, spoof caller id service. These services generally charge at the rate of about 10 cents per minute. This works for land lines and mobile devices. Many people attempt to hide their identity when making calls by dialing *67 before the number. The problem with this method is your identity can still be revealed with a service like Trapcall for unblocking blocked calls.

How Changing Outgoing Caller ID Works

To use the service you dial an 800 number to the spoof card server. You are then prompted to enter you pin # which is given when you join. You are then voice menu prompted to enter the phone number you wish to call. You then enter the phone number you wish to appear on the caller ID of the person you are calling. The name shown on the persons caller ID will match the phone number. So if you specify you want the number on the caller ID to be the number of the police their caller id will show both the name and the number of that police dept.

Can Changed Caller ID Spoofing be Traced

Many people mistakenly assume that when you spoof someone's caller id it can't be traced. Maybe not directly or easily but remember when you call the spoof card service to place a spoofed call they have you real phone number. So if you use the change caller id service to engage in illegal activities you can be traced by the proper authorities if need be but a court order would most likely be needed.

SpoofCard Change Outgoing Caller ID Service

SpoofCard change outgoing caller ID is one of the most popular spoof card services there is. You pay a flat rate for so many minutes of call time using the change caller id service: $4.95 for 25 minutes and $9.95 for 60 minutes. Purchase even more minutes for lower per minutes rates. You can even test drive the service free at the SpoofCard website.

Features of SpoofCard include:

  • change caller id name and number.
  • spoof text messages. record phone calls.
  • change your voice.

BluffMyCall Change Outgoing Caller ID Service

BluffMyCall change outgoing caller ID lets you buy spoof call minutes at the rate of $10 for 60 minutes or $25 for 165 minutes. You can buy more credits than that and the rate per credit goes down the more you buy. Features of Bluffmycall include:

  • change caller id and name.
  • change sound of your voice.
  • record your calls.
  • bypass persons phone ringing and go straight to their voicemail.

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