Learn How to Get FREE Cell Phone Spy Software and Extremely Inexpensive (almost free) Cell Phone Spy

Here are some tips on how you can get cell phone spy software 100% FREE or extremely cheap! This is based upon my full time experience in the cell phone spy industry since 2010.

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First here is a list of extremely inexpensive cell phone spy software. The following is a list of cell phone spy software costing $50 or less per year. Although you can get cell phone spy free it does involve a certain amount of effort or leg work and if you are impatient and wish to started spying on a cell phone right away without having to wait at all you may wish to use the following very inexpensive phone spy software instead of waiting to get it free.

  • Spybubble - $49 for a full year for the Spybubble BASIC cell phone spy version,
  • PhoneBeagle - $29 for a full year of phone spying but only works on Blackberry and Android cell phones,
  • PhoneSheriff - $49 for a full year. Allows you to control the target cell phone as well.


Most all cell phone spy software have what is called an affiliate program which is where they pay a percentage of cell phone spy sales you refer to their web site. If the cell phone spy web site owner thinks you will be producing sales and customers for them then obviously they will see you as a potential tremendous asset to them.

Once you have decided which cell phone spy software you wish to get free visit the cell phone spy website. Look for a link on the page that says "affiliates". Sign up for their affiliate program. This is always 100% free. Once you've signed up for their affiliate program look for the "contact us" link on that cell phone spy webpage. Click it. Send the owner of the cell phone spy website and e-mail explaining to them you've just signed up for their affiliate program and you wish to promote their product and make money. In your e-mail to them explain you were concerned about quality simply because of all the scams going on in the Internet particularly related to cell phone spy software. Ask them if you can get a free copy of their cell phone spy for review. Explain you will install the cell phone spy on your own cell phone to become extremely knowledgeable about the product so you can represented accurately, efficiently, and with enthusiasm as by having their cell phone spy product you will have full knowledge of the products features and how it works.


Here's an example of the type of e-mail you can send. I wouldn't recommend simply copying and pasting this e-mail. instead rewrite the e-mail in your own words.

Dear sir,

   my name is ____. I've just signed up to become an affiliate salesperson for your cell phone spy. My username is _____. My e-mail address is _____. The reason I am contacting you is based upon your sales page your cell phone spy software program looks fantastic and exciting. However one thing I and probably you are aware of is the amount of scams on the Internet today particularly related to cell phone spy software. Is it possible I can get a copy of your cell phone spy to install to my own cell phone so I could become extremely knowledgeable of the product and how it works. This would allow me to more passionately "sell" the product and write reviews online about it. If this is not possible could you possibly provide me with your cell phone spy product added greatly discounted rate for review. I eagerly await your reply.

    Sincerely, ____.

Some cell phone spy websites will decline your request but some will grant it. I know this from experience. The bottom line is you will end up getting some cell phone spy software hundred percent free and some at a considerable discount.

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