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GPS track a Cell Phone Number: can you track the exact location of a cell phone just by having that cell phone number? Track a cell phone by GPS

GPS a Cell Phone Number - Can you track a Cell Phone just by the Cell Phone Number?

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The answer is a definitive YES. All that is required is the install of a GPS cell phone number tracking software program to your cell phone (not the cell phone you want to GPS track).

All you will need to know is the cell number of the phone you are tracking. Nothing is logged anywhere so no one will know they are being traced.

Simply type in the target phone's number on your cell phone and you are done. You will receive a buzz on your cel phone every time the target phone does an out-going or in-coming call or SMS or every time there is a change in the cell phones geographic physical location.

All activities of the target phone can be viewed on your phone in real time.

Then you must 'frequency pair' your phone with the phone you want to GPS track by   calling the cell phone you want to GPS track for 30 seconds. The 30 seconds call does not have to be answered. It will work even if you get the voice mail.

The ability to GPS a cell phone number with the GPS tracking and spying software is a simple 2 step process

image of 2 step process to gps track a cell phone number

This cell phone number GPS tracking software not only reveals the cell phones exact physical location it has other information prying benefits as well...

  • Listen to Live Calls
  • Read Text messages
  • SMS (text messages) Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Email Logging (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Call History (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Call Duration (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Environment Listening ( Bugging Device)
  • Contact Name in Address Book Linked to each call/sms
  • Compatible with ALL Blackberrys, iPhones (jailbroken) Androids (converted extension files), Palm OS, Symbian & Windows Mobile.

You can map the target cell phone everywhere they are going. It can tell where they are at anytime. All of this is done in stealth mode. This means no one will ever find out who you are targeting. Nothing is logged. You leave absolutely no trace on the targets phone.

video on GPS a cell phone number

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