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Would you like to learn how to read someone's text/SMS messages from their mobile phone?

If you knew how to do that you would be able to see every text message they are sending AND receiving and the exact time they send and receive text messages. If you knew that then there would literally be no secrets this person could every keep from you. Being able to read someone's text messages would be the next best thing to being able to read their mind.

Reading someone's mind might be tough or impossible but being able to read someone's text messages is actually fairly easy and even pretty inexpensive and in this article I am going to show you exactly how to do this in literally just a few minutes from now.

How reading another person's text message from their mobile phone is possible

You have heard of the term 'apps' when it comes to mobile phones and smart phones?  In reality an app is a software program written specifically for the mobile telephone. Whenever someone sends or receives a text or SMS message on the cell phone it creates what is called an 'event' in computer programming terms. Events are places the programmer can insert code.

Apps are nothing more than organized groups of code blocks, each specific block of code gets executed whenever a particular event occurs on the mobile phone. Reading a persons text messages is a matter of installing an app called a mobile phone spy to their mobile phone. When the person whose mobile phone has this mobile phone spy app on it gets or sends a text message the spy app send the details of the text message to a web server which is your members area for the mobile phone spy program. Details of the text message you can view include:

  • the time the text message was sent or received
  • if the text message was sent or received
  • the phone number the text messages were sent to or received from
  • the exact text message word for word

This information is viewable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any web browser (even the browser of your mobile phone)

Exact instructions regarding the install of the mobile phone spy app and where and how to log in to your members area to view this information are provided by the mobile phone spy vendor when you sign up but the process is really not at all complicated and can be accomplished by even the most 'techie illiterate' people.

Here is a screen shot of what you see in the members area when viewing the text message of the mobile phone you are spying on:

text messages seen from within a mobile spy apps members area

The great thing about a mobile telephone spy app is that not only will you be able to view someone's text message but you will also be able to view full details of every phone call the person makes or receives on their mobile phone as well!

Most mobile phone spy apps allow you to read someone else's text messages including spybubble, mobilespy, phonebeagle, and flexispy. You have to be aware that each of these mobile phone spy companies spy apps work on different smart phones. To find an appropriate spy app for the mobile phone or type of mobile phone you want to read someone else's text messages on the easiest method is to either use the menu items to the left or the search box at the top of the page.

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