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How to Bug Cell Phones | Cell Phone Bugging step by step

This article is about How to Spy Bug a Cell Phone. Here are additional mobile spy spying related articles.

What is Bugging a Cell Phone

Bugging a cell phone is the process installing, locally or remotely, a hardware or software device that enables one to intercept and view details related to that cell phone thought and assumed to be private. A cell phone bugging device can also be used for activities other than eavesdropping. For instance certain cell phone bugs can be sent a private SMS command that will turn the bugged cell phone into a hidden listening microphone referred to as a room bug. There are cell phone bugging devices that allow one to completely control the cell phone being bugged. All cell phone bugging apps or programs will run hidden in the background so the cell phone owner will never realize his phone has been bugged.

Know the Cell Phone you want to Bug

Most cell phone bugging devices come in the form of a software app, a smart phone app, if you will. They need to be installed to the phone being bugged. For many people this is a challenge as it is not possible to access the target phone they want to bug in which case they turn to a special cell phone bugging device called a cell tracker remote phone bug.

Cell phone bugs that get installed to the phone being bugged tend to be more reliable. Assuming you can get access to the phone you want to bug the first step in how to bug that cell phone is you must install a bugging device that will be compatible with that cell phones software (operating system) and hardware. In order to do that you need to know what type of phone you want to bug.

The assumption here is the cell phone you want to bug is a smart phone with an Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, IPhone, or Blackberry operating system. Again, if the cell phone you want to bug does not have one of these common OS's or is an older cell phone or a pre paid type of mobile phone with a SIM card you will have to use cell tracker remote phone bug.

Select a Compatible Bugging App for the Cell Phone

Once you know the exact make and model phone you will be bugging you must select a compatible cell phone bugging software device. You can use the search box to enter the cell phone make and model in the search box at the top of every page of this site. Below is an image of what is displayed if, for example, you enter HTC Evo 4g in the search box above (assuming an HTC Evo 4g is the cell phone you want to bug).  The first result of search results is usually the right one. Click the link to be taken to a page that will show you every single mobile phone bugging app that will be 100% compatible with that mobile phone.

image of results of search for HTC Evo 4g spy app

A second option is to use the links at the left side of every page of this site. You can navigate for the phone you want to bug by using either the Spy Apps by Mobile Phone OS menu or Mobile Phone Spy by Carrier menu.

image of menu to find cell phone bug by the cell phones operating system     image of menu to find cell phone bug by cell phone carrier
 spy apps by mobile phone os menu item       spy apps by cell phone carrier menu item

Install the Cell Phone Bugging Device

The actual install of the bugging software program is pretty straightforward and easy. It will take about five minutes to do or less if you have had experience with install any apps to a smart phone. When you select a compatible phone spy the phone spy web site will send you a welcome email with a web address to the actual bugging app. Use the browser built in to the smart phone you want to bug to navigate to this apps address. Click on it to start the download. The file size will not be very big so it will be fairly quick, no more than a minute or two. Once download the phone will ask your permission to install the app. Once complete your simply shut down and restart the phone to activate the bugging mechanism. From that moment on the bugging app will send copies of detailed information to your cell phone spy members area. This information you will be able to view will include:

  • details of all phone calls such as time and phone numbers.
  • details of all text/sms messages including time, phone numbers, and sms messages.
  • the exact locations the owner of the cell phone being bugged goes during the day and night.
  • details of emails including time, addresses, and exact email contents.
  • details of web sites or urls visited with the phone being bugged.

View private details of the Cell Phone you are now Bugging

The final step is the fun part. You get to view the information on the phone you are now bugging. This is a simple matter of logging in to your members area of the cell phone bugging/spy software you are using with the username and password they will provide you. Simple select tabs or links corresponding to the spy details you want to view. Below is an image inside the members area of

full view of members area of mobile spy phone bugging spy software program.

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