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step by step video on how to spy on boyfriend

Would you like to learn how to spy on boyfriend? Does your boyfriend have a cell phone? If so you can easily spy on him 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

If your boyfriend has a smartphone with internet access you are in luck. By installing a simple and small spy app to your boyfriends cell phone in a matter of about 5 minutes you can be spying on your boyfriend and see:

  • Every call he makes and receives
  • Every text/sms he sends and receives
  • Entire contents of his cell phones contact list
  • His exact physical location 24/7
  • Every email he sends with his cell phone
  • Every web site he visits with his cell phones browser

How to spy on boyfriend - Step #1: You first need to find a mobile spy that is 100% compatible with his cell phone. You can enter the make and model of his cell phone in the search box above or navigate the links to the left to find his cell phone.

How to spy on boyfriend - Step #2: Select one of the compatible phone spy apps that come up. Whichever cell spy you select to spy on your boyfriend once you sign up you will be sent your username and password. This lets you log into your cell spy members area where you can actually see all the spy information disclosed above. You will also be sent a web address of the actual spy app. When your boyfriend is sleeping or in the shower grab his cell phone and navigate to the web address with his cell phones browser. This will download and install the spy app. Don't worry. The spy app runs totally hidden and invisible, impossible for your boyfriend to ever detect.

How to spy on boyfriend - Step #3: Once you have completed the install (about 5 minutes) shut down and restart his cell phone. Once restarted the spy app now installed on your boyfriends cell phone will make copies of all the spy information indicated above and send copies of this information to your cell phone spy members area.

The entire process of how to spy on boyfriend is really that simple!

Whichever cell spy you choose you will be given any and all relevant information you need to spy on whichever type of cell phone your boyfriend has. If you have any questions you can call us or contact us using the contact info at the top of this page.

step by step video on how to spy on boyfriend

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