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Text Message Spying | SMS Spying | View Text Messages from Computer

This article is about how to read anyone's cell phone text messages from pc. Here are additional mobile spy spying related articles.

Technology is amazing today that you can actually sit at your computer and see every single text message sent and received by someone's cell phone right from your PC. Not only is the ability to read anyone's text messages from a pc possible it is downright inexpensive.

How inexpensive? Less than $100. In fact most all of these programs programs cost between $50-$75.

As an added bonus not only will you be able to read the cell phones text messages from a computer but you will also be able to see many other details of that cell phone like phone calls made and received, the exact physical location of the cell phone and its holder, and even more.

There are more expensive text spy software programs like Flexispy, Spycalls, and Spyera, all around the $300 mark, but these specialized spy program have very advanced and very powerful spy features including the ability to intercept any live incoming or outgoing calls from the cell phone and even the ability to audio spy bug the room and environment the target cell phone is in.

Follow these simple step by step instructions to start spying on the SMS from someone's mobile device.

Find a compatible text message spy program for the cell phone whose text messages you want to read from your PC. Use the search box at the top of this page to enter the make and model of the cell phone. You will be taken to a page that lists ever text spy for that cell phone. If there is no compatible spy listed click here.

Within a minute or two of purchasing the text messages spy reader software you will receive a welcome email. This email will include a link to the text messages spy app you will install to the cell phone whose text messages you want to read. Grab the cell phone and using its built in web browser navigate to that web address and proceed to download the text messages reader app spy software to the target phone. The entire process is simple and quick and takes about five minutes. Click here if there is no way you can get access to the target phone to install the text messages spy.

The final step involves simple shutting down and restarting the phone to activate the sms reading and spy software. Once restarted the software works in the background 24/7 in total stealth. The program does not even show up in the list of apps installed on the phone. From that point on you log in to SMS spy members area from any computer or cell phone web browser with the username and password (also in the welcome email) to be able to view every single text message sent and received. You will be able to see the time text messages were sent and received, phone number text messages are sent to and received from, and even the full sms word for word. The image below is what the members area of one of the most popular software programs for reading a cell phones text messages from a computer, mobilespy.

image of mobilespy members area

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