2 Different Ways How to Spy on your Girlfriend or Spouses Cell Phone

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There are two different ways to spy on your girlfriends cell phone. Which way you choose has to do with how you answer this question:

Can you get a hold of your girlfriends cell phone for about 5 minutes to install a spy app?

If you answered yes:

-Find a cell phone spy app that is compatible with your girlfriends cell phone operating system and carrier. Use the search box above and type in the make and model of your girlfriends cell phone or you can use the menu items to the left. The goal is to find a page on this site that will list every single cell phone spy that is compatible with your girlfriends cell phone. If there is no compatible phone spy for your girlfriends cell phone then go to 'If you answered no:' Two of the most popular cell spy software apps for spying on a spouse or girlfriends cell phone are CellTracker and SpyBubble as they are both very cheap and inexpensive cell phone spy apps.

-When you purchase one of the compatible cell phone spy apps it comes with two parts.  [1]The actual app which will spy on your girlfriends cell phone [2]A membership to the cell phone spy which lets you log on to your members area to view spy information on your girlfriends phone which will include spying on every call and text message, her physical location 24/7, every contact in her cell phone, every email sent and received via her cell phone, and every web site visited with her cell phones built in browser.

Install the spy software to your girlfriends cell phone. Not complicated. Whichever cell phone spy you purchased will include specific instructions. After installing cell spy shut down and restart her phone

-The tough work is done. The cell phone spy on your girlfriends phone will now silently and invisibly go to work 24/7 reporting everything she does to the cell phone spy members area. You can log on at any time of the day or night to view details.

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