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This article is about how to stop your cell phone from being traced or tracked - what you can do. Here are additional mobile spy spying related articles.

image of cell phone frequency jammer to stop cell phone trace


Cell phone tracing is the act of tracing details of a mobile phone that are normal considered private. A variety of thing can be traced on a cell phone from every single call and text message that is made or received, the exact physical location of your cell phone, and YOU, since the assumption is you carry the cell phone with you that is being traced, and there are even some cell phone tracing programs that can actually listen to your calls and conversations in progress, a phone tracing feature called remote call listening, and spy on the sounds in the room or environment the cell phone is located in, a feature called room spy bugging. The cell phone has to be turned on for this room spy or environment bugging to work but technology is very soon coming out with TheSpyPhone where the cell phone won't even have to be turned on to trace it.

Bottom line - if you have a cell phone tracing device installed on your cell phone you have absolutely no privacy at all! Detecting if there is cell phone tracing software on your phone is not easy.

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A few signs your cell phone may have tracing software on it including:

  1. Battery drainage. A cell phone tracing program has to report details of what is being traced to a members area for the person who is tracking your phone. This will us a LITTLE of the battery life. If your battery seems to die a little quicker than it use to your cell phone may have tracing and spy software on it.
  2. Doe the cell phone seem possessed at times? When your in a call do you sometimes hear strange clicking sounds. For no apparent reason does the display light for your phones screen light up?


When you don't need your cell phone you stop it from being traced by removing the battery. Although turning the phone off MAY stop your cell phone from being traced with the battery still in a tracing signal may still be emitted to give away your GPS location. By removing the battery ANY tracing or tracking devices or software will be rendered useless at that time.

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cell phone jammers block cell phone use by sending out radio waves along the same frequencies that cellular phones use. This causes enough interference with the communication between cell phones and towers to render the phones unusable. On most retail phones, the network would simply appear out of range. Most cell phones use different bands to send and receive communications from towers (called frequency division duplexing, FDD). Jammers can work by either disrupting phone to tower frequencies or tower to phone frequencies. This makes it impossible for the cell phone tracing device from effectively communicating anything about your cell phones location which prevents your cell phone from being traced.

Here are the two places to get cell phone jamming devices. Both of these specialized electronic outlets stores have lots of different cell phone jammers starting at just $50.

Bottom line, to actually detect and remove cell phone trace programs from your cell phone can be very difficult because detecting or finding a cell phone trace can be very difficult. The before mentioned methods of stopping cell phone tracking and tracing work in situations where you don't need the use of your cell phone. While your cell phone is turned on and in use you can still be tracked with spy software on it.

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As they say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some rules to prevent tracing items from being placed on your cell phone in the first place.

  • Have a password on your cell phone. Make it a secure and fairly complex password. Never use a password like 11111 or 1224 or your birth date. Use a password that is a combination of characters and letters like sdf&*#des1222. This will make your cell phone password impossible to crack.
  • Never leave your cell phone unattended. It only takes a minute or two to download a tracking/tracing app to your cell phone.
  • If your significant other buys you a smart phone cell phone as some sort of present they may have installed cell phone tracing software to it. In fact this is one of the methods we recommend to visitors of this site who want to spy on someone's cell phone but can't get access to it to install the spy software.
  • Don't accept any bluetooth connections from anyone you don't know. Remote cell phone spyware like cell tracker remote spy can be installed this way.

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