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Monitoring the activities of a Straight Talk cell phone is a little different from monitoring or spying on a smart phone. Because a Straight Talk cell phone does not have a smart phone operating system a standard cell phone spy software app will not install to or be compatible with the Straight Talk cell phone. To spy on and monitor a Straight Talk cell phone you must use remote cell phone spyware for non smart phones and pre paid, contract free mobile devices.

Spy on Straight Talk Text Messages, Phone Calls, GPS Location

Unfortunately, when it comes to remote cell phone spying, the type of cell phone spy you would need to use to spy on a Straight Talk phone, most of the remote spyware out there is garbage. Bottom line is there is only one remote cell phone spy software for Straight Talk that comes with a guarantee and technical support.

How much does it Cost to Monitor Straight Talk Cell Phone

If you choose to monitor a Straight Talk phone using Cell tracker remote spy the cost is a one time fee of $69. Unlike most cell spy software there are not future, recurring, or monthly fees with Cell Tracker. Some people prefer this kind of mobile spy simply because it does not need to be installed to the mobile phone you are going to start spying on. So there is no need to get physical access to the Straight Talk phone. This makes the spying more covert and stealthy.

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