Forwarding Text Messages - Forwarding SMS - Forward Text Messages to Another Cell Phone

Forwarding Text Messages to Another Phone is a task that can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

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MessageRouter - this is an inexpensive software program that can forward text messages to just one phone or to many phones. You can even customize the text message forward so that certain messages from certain cell phones get routed to specific other cell phone phones. For example you can specify all text messages from phone number 111-1111 automatically get forwarded to cell phone number 222-2222 or forward messages from 111-1111 to multiple phones if you wish. You can also specify whether or not the phone that got the original text messages keeps a copy of it after it has been forwarded to its destination. You can even forward text messages to another phone based upon the contents of the messages.

image of text message forwarding app 'message router' settings screen.

Keep incoming SMS in inbox after forwarded

Remove "New SMS" flag of incoming sms

Keep forwarded sms in Sentbox folder






Another way to forward text messages to another phone is to use a basic cell phone spy program. These won't actually forward text messages from one phone to another but will create a copy of all text messages, sent and received, and place the information in your cell phone spy members area. Below is a screenshot for the very popular MobileSpy phone spy showing the text messages/SMS panel.

image of mobile spy text messsages sms screen.

The added benefit of using a phone spy versus MessageRouter is you have access to so much more information on the cell phone besides just text messages such as info on all phone calls and emails sent and received, urls visited by the cell phone, and even the exact physical location of the cell phone, a feature called GPS tracking. The upside to using MessageRouter over a cell phone spy is the transfer of information, text messages, is instant. With a cell phone spy there is a delay before the information on text messages actually appears in your members area for you to view, about 20 minutes or so.

Here is a list of cell phone spy that copy text sms messages from a cell phone into your members are for you to view.

spybubble | mobilespy | phonebeagle | phonesheriff | flexispy

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